A Brief Intro To Your Brain

Today there is a new computing frontier – business analytics.

Some people may be interested in the relationship between our brains and the new Artificial Intelligence that is impacting the business and research worlds.

In an earlier time we used computers to help us perform computations, then to organize data, later to visualize data so that people could better see correlations and make decisions.

Now we are moving into the next generation. Here, analytic programs such as Watson by IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT) Azure Machine Learning, and AWS Elastic MapReduce service by Amazon (AMZN), are sifting through enormous amounts of big data to answer business and scientific questions.

According to Wikipedia:

 Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

In the end, all these are sifting through the data trying to abstract out significant relationships between people and/or events.

As I noted in another post, Abstraction is what the brain does.

Some people may be interested in the relationship between our brains and the new Artificial Intelligence that is impacting the business and research worlds. In this post I will describe, very briefly, how brain cells work together to create knowledge.

Neurons – the basic elements of the brain



Brain = Abstraction Machine: A Fascinating Anecdote

I was struck by the implications of this event at the time, and it have remained so ever since. I believe it is an extraordinary example of how the brain works, and why artificial intelligence is so difficult.

Many years ago I worked in the forests of the Northwest as a tree planter, reforesting clear cuts. The idea is that a contract would specify the spacing of trees on the ground (8’ x 8’, 10’ x 10’, for example) to achieve the number of tress per acre that the forester desired.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.46.33 AM copy

Perceived Value

Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder – De gustibus non est disputandum [1].

In the field of smartphones this is played out very well in the iPhone vs. Android wars where one side will stick, sometimes fanatically, to the superiority of its platform over the other. (Note: the overwhelming majority of people Continue reading

Interesting iPhone Ad in China

A friend pasted on Facebook this very interesting/cute video of kids in a “China has talent” type of show. (Anyone out there who can correct me on the details, please do.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.06.48 PM

All is fine with the little dribblers, until we get to the 39 second mark, when one of the judges pulls out…

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.29.27 PM

I guess iPhone IS really big in China. Looks like he has the gold model. I can’t believe that this went unnoticed.

By the way – the kids are awesome!

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Free Short Story!

The Room
“Jenni Plochka?” the worn woman in a pink bathrobe read the card in a harsh, tobacco and booze voice. The blue “Vacancy” flashed through her cigarette smoke. She frowned suspiciously. “Don’t get many BMWs here.” “Just wanna crash. Gotta bed?” “OK. But we paintin’ and wirin’, so th’only room is an old one at the end.” [READ MORE…]

Histoire Libre:  La Chambre d’Hôtel

Apple: Projected Dividends Increase

Apple (AAPL) had banner earnings last quarter, driven by the spectacular success of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

  •  Revenue: $74.6 billion
  •  Operating cash flow: $33.7 billion
  •  Total cash/short/long term: $178 billion
  •  Profit: $18 Billion
  •  EPS: $3.06
  •  Dividend: $0.47

The last line is the one of interest here – Dividends. This is a topic of great interest to investors, not only because it is cash in their pockets, but also because many individuals and mutual funds will purchase stocks based on the dividends.

The topic is discussed in detail in the post at Seeking Alpha, but here on some further charts:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.27.41 AM

Dividend Data Yellow is estimate

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