New iPhone and more today

Soon the new iPhone will be revealed and we will all take a deep sigh and say finally the suspense is over. Those who predicted correctly will pat themselves on the back. Maybe there will be something that will set us all back on our heels with surprise.

I list here expected announcements – the most important saved for last.


The overall public is most likely ignorant of the new voice driven Assistant app that is rumored to be  in the offing. This will be a game changer if it is as great as the pre-release rumor hype. There exists voice software that does much of what is rumored, but it seems this has gone a giant step further.

This is – of course – Apple’s primary m.o. take a nascent technology and perfect it at precisely the moment that technology is adequate to support it. They learned this very important lesson from the Newton. There they released revolutionary technology exactly before the technology (i.e. cpu compute power/price ratio) was available.

Well, I hope that they have got it down now because while Sire was great when it worked, we had a lot of trouble getting it to recognize commands.  (Was it partially due to my wife’s very slight accent?)


Well, I am not going to list all the supposed new hardware features. You all know all the rumors by now. 🙂


Larry Dignan, always an astute observer, wrote:

but iCloud’s rollout will be far more strategic.

In other words, don’t get confused by the shiny objects. Apple’s iCloud, which seems like old news since it had a coming out party at WWDC over the summer, is also likely to kick off. As iCloud’s launch goes so does Apple’s transition from a PC-centric vendor to one more equipped for the decades to come. If iCloud has iOutages and other issues it will be a black mark on Apple.

He goes on to quote:

Wells Fargo analyst Jason Maynard said in a research note:

The most profound takeaway from the June WWDC event was Steve Jobs’ statement that the PC/Mac has been demoted to a spoke in the iCloud hub. We believe there is a major battle going on among Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft for consumer Internet dominance. At the core, we think is the battle is about the control of data.

via Apple’s iPhone 5 key, but iCloud more strategic | ZDNet.

This, I believe is the crux of the matter, although the real point is not the control of the data – that is the means by which they get control of the customer! As I argue in my post on the Analysis of the Kindle Fire, this fight for the customer is going to determine the layout of the customer space for the next 2 decades or more. Think of it, all systems have a method for moving all your stuff to another system, but it is not easy. So once you are in one system it is not difficult to change, but it is a real pain. The important point is this:

Having the data of the customer is having the ear and the loyalty of the customer.

For this the battle is on!


Analysis of the Kindle Fire


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