Cost Analysis for iWatch – Details

There has been much speculation on the release of an iWatch. Here I show my analysis of possible costs. I start with data from iHS breakdown of the iPhone 5s costs, and go from there.

This section covers details of the costs, while a complete discussion is in the main article.

iWatch-cost-analysis We should start with the cost drivers going through them by number.

9 – NAND

The Gear has 4 GB memory, I see no reason why Apple’s watch should have anymore.

10 – DRAM

Apple can save here. The watch will not be performing large calculations not rendering large images or videos, so large amounts of DRAM would be superfluous.

11 – Display

Much smaller screen will be a lot cheaper.

12 – Processor

I am calling the processor for the iWatch the A8w. The reason for this, is that I believe the I watch will need the newer 28nm process.

13 – Cameras

A 2 MP camera should be sufficient for the iWatch. There is no need for any greater resolution since the user will have his iPhone with him.

14 – Wireless

The watch will not need to have cellular connectivity.

15 – Sensors

I am not sure if the watch will have touch ID fingerprint sensor or not. It is rumored to have several health sensors, But that remains to be seen.

16 – Communications

The iWatch needs to communicate with me iPhone to which is paired. Therefore it will need at least Bluetooth but neither GPS nor Wi-Fi etc. As in the iPhone.

The rest

The rest of the items pretty much speak for themselves smaller battery fewer electromechanical sensors and there will be no need for charger in the box contents.

A complete analysis of the price structure and more details of the processor are here.


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