Apple stats have grown, while price languishes

Apple share price has been floundering for almost a year. It first saw yesterday’s (28 Oct. 2015) closing price of $114 back on November 18 of last year.

Yet all measures of performance are up significantly since then as noted in the chart.

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How I Got a New MacBook Pro for $325

[Update: The Price has come down dramatically and the newer version of the SSD I used is available for only $243]

How I Got a New MacBook Pro for $325 [$243]

Well, let’s start off by getting this straight – it was NOT a brand new MBP, but it sure does feel like it is.

I have a 2010, almost top of the line MBP – 15”, 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB, and the matte display. I bought near the top because I do a lot of serious photography (have had a few exhibitions) and a little bit of video, and I need the processing power to do this. (You can see some of my work here, and event photos here.) I have since maxed the memory out to 8 GB.

The Problem

The system ran like a dream and I have been very happy with it, (Actually, the graphics card had problems stemming from the Nvidia processor, but Apple replaced it for free – twice!)

Everything was fine as I upgraded with every new OS X release. Snow Leopard in particular was a great release, with space and performance improvements. Since then, however, every release has bought a bit of a slowdown until Yosemite which reduced my former zippy performance to crawl.

Running an application was fine, but if I had several open, then switching between apps would be painful. In particular, MS Word would hang for sometimes a couple of minutes if I had not used it for a while. Then it would hang again when I tried to do a save. Just opening System Preferences could take a minute or two.

  • The computer was becoming close to unusable.

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