Beware Scammers – Identity Theft!

Below is an email I received today that is some sort of a scam – most likely a form of identity theft. Needless to say, I did not try to find out.

It purports to be from Apple and requests:

You are kindly requested to confirm your Profile Details!

If you get something like this:

Don’t click on anything!

(Other than the delete button, of course)

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.19.53 PM


  • I have Mail setting to NOT automatically download images. Why? Because the links to images have data in them that identifies your email address. So just loading the info lets the spammers know your email address is valid. (Notice the button in upper right “Load Remote Content” Do NOT click this on any suspicious emails.)

The following items are all suspicious:

  1. This is so dumb that it does not eve give a real Apple address for the source address. This is one indication it is malware.
  2. If you hover over the “Continue and SignOn” link you will see a URL displayed. That long string of numbers and letters is what identifies you to the page when you click through.
  3. Net that the URL listed is NOT an Apple .com address. This is the ultimate dead giveaway that this is malware. If a link’s URL address is not what you would expect – then never click it. (Yes – it is possible that some company really does have another one providing a legitimate service to them. But if that is the case and they do not get replies, then it is their damn fault!)

This email appears to be trying to get you to log into a bogus Apple site so that it can get your logon ID and password. It probably looks exactly like a real Apple site. If they get your login they can delete your photos, use your credit card, see all your emails and documents, and send email as you.


Many times suspicious looking emails will come even from friends. These can be dangerous as they may have had a virus take over their computer or just their email account. If you have any suspicion DO NOT download or view any files. Contact your friend to see if he has really sent you  the email.



Apple Says:

Reporting Suspected Phishing Attempts

If you receive what you believe to be a phishing email purporting to be from Apple, please send it to, a monitored email inbox, which does not generate individual email replies.

Forwarding the message with complete header information provides Apple with important information. To do this in OS X Mail, select the message and choose Forward As Attachment from the Message menu. For other email applications or webmail based services, consult your provider’s support information to determine how to forward messages with complete headers.

(There is more on the linked page.)

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Your comments are appreciated.

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