How to get a new MacBook Pro for $124

NO – this is NOT a scam. But it is not reallynew MBP – this is how to make your old MBP feel like new.

How does it work? The answer is simple.

First – understanding why your older Mac is running slow.

Since the Macbook Air started using solid state drives (SSDs), slowly virtually all new Macs have moved to this storage. Instead of a disk that spins like a CD or a 45 RPM record, SSD is a bank of electronic memory. It is similar to the RAM in the computer, except that it does not loose all the data when shut down.

It is many times faster than the old spinning disks – and herein lies the problem.

When your internal memory is filled with programs and data, the computer operating system performs what is called a swap: it moves the oldest data and program code onto the disk until it is needed again. It has always been like that for multi-tasking OSs.

The problem is this. As Macs have moved almost exclusively to SSDs, MacOS has relied more and more on this to hold ever larger programs and larger data files (such as hi-res photos and videos). As noted – this works with super-fast SSDs – but when you have a snail-paced old hard drive, your computer spends more time swapping, and programs hang up waiting.


Replace your HD with an SSD. I have had mine for about a year now and it is great. Never the spinning beachball for two or three minutes while Microsoft Word reloads. Web pages load quickly once again.

I select the Crucial drive and ordered from Amazon. You can now get a 480GB unit for $124.


For full details see my earlier article



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