Tech Notes the blog

Here are some notes on the blog:

I am writing from my personal point of view my thoughts and observations on tech issues. I should say right off that I am a long time fan of Apple and its products though not a “fanboi.” I have used Apple computers since the Apple II, on which I learned Pascal programming back in 1981! My school (U of Oregon) set up Mac labs as soon as Macs were released. People who did not experience this transition take GUIs for granted, a do not realize what a revolution it was.

In any case, while this experience must color my perceptions, I do try to be at least a bit rational about it all.


I definitely welcome comments. I definitely welcome and respect other rational points of view.


I reserve the right, and intend to use it, to kick comments that are excessively (in my opinion) irrational, fanboy, or iHater.


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Your comments are appreciated.

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