Predicting success of Kindle

Here is a comment I made the day after the iPad’s original introduction. It seemed most people were predicting the end of the Kindle. I differed with that view.

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I am going to take a contrarian view here, and propose that the iPad will actually HELP Kindle sales.

With release of the device with the eBook reader, Apple has (a) “legitimized” electronic book readers, and (b) put eBooks in the hands of (hopefully) millions of iPad owners – giving them the experience of reading on an electronic device. This will actually increase the market for eBooks in general, including Kindle.

As investors all should know, one of the key concepts of marketing is differentiation. Kindle achieves very significant differentiation on several accounts:
1- Smaller, lighter
2- Cheaper
3- The “digital ink” display is – according to some very enthusiastic fans – much more suitable to reading, especially outside.

The pundits and headline writers have this absolute (and in my mind juvenile) obsession with extreme competition, always looking for the “X-Killer,” and so they seldom see the possibility of synergistic relationships.

28 Jan 2010, 11:25 AM


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