This is the tech blog  for J M Manness.

After doing forestry work off and on for over 10 years, I went to the University of Oregon where I received a Masters degree in Computer Science. For about 15 years I worked in the industry in development, software quality assurance, and technical  writing.  Set adrift during the dot com crisis, I turned to writing fiction, which I still pursue whenever I can. Unfortunately, I have found that getting published is more difficult than writing. My short-short work can be found at the 50 Cent Flash site posted in the sidebar.

I also travel and do photography, and have exhibited in 3 countries.


Currently I do contract FileMaker Pro programming and write for Seeking Alph financial site and my own blog here.

After spending several years commenting on other peoples news articles and blogs, I thought it was time I started my own blog covering selected tech and tech financial issues.

During that time I received a lot of positive replies to my posts and so I am hopeful that I will be able to provide a fresh point of view on some of the issues, and a rational discussion of them all.

(I may throw in some photography reviews as well.)


Dear friends – if you appreciate my commentary please consider viewing my product linked below or visit 50 Cent Flash.

Elegant, Handcrafted, Genuine Leather

iPhone Holster





Your comments are appreciated.

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