Dear Nest

Open Letter

Dear Nest folks:

Unfortunately I am requesting to be removed from your mailing list. I was looking forward to buying some of your products, but will not be doing so due to the purchase of your company by Google.
Google makes a great search engine, and I use it frequently, but I have never used gmail nor Docs, all for the same reason:
  • With Google the user is the product and I am not happy with that. 
  • Google has a view of privacy that is totally self-centered and does not match with mine.

To them, it is all right to use my personal information for whatever purposes they personally deem “reasonable.”  For me, however, they crossed over that “creepy line” a long time ago. The only reason that they do not realize this themselves is that they are too invested in it. They make too much profit from it.
Perhaps I am just old-fashioned. I do not trust Google having access to all my movements that will happen if I should install a Nest thermostat. It knows when I get up. It knows when I leave home, It knows when I go to bed. All this is my personal information I do not care to share that with Google.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.33.27 AM
I do understand that currently Google uses this information only to target me with appropriate advertising. This is something some other people may even view as a benefit. I view it as an invasion of my privacy.
I am very sorry for this as I was really looking forward to trying your technology. It is exciting and innovative, but with Google behind you now, it is also invasive.
Please take me off your mailing list.
I wish you luck in the future, but I will not be a customer.


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